Grilled Chicken Recipes, How To Grill Chicken and Chicken Marinade tips

Are you in the mood for grilled chicken? If you are, we have the best grilled chicken recipes you can find! (or, at least we think so!)

Grilled Chicken Recipes

Here you will also learn methods how to grill chicken and how to marinade chicken along with tasty chicken marinade recipes.

No matter what season you are in we also have the best summer recipes like beer can chicken, chicken kabobs and bbq chicken.

Who says it can't feel like summer year round? With the wide assortment of grilled chicken recipes on this website you CAN make it feel like summer all year!(easy for me to say...I moved from Buffalo to Florida so I could have summer year round!)

Well, enough chitter chatter! You came here to find some grilled chicken recipes...not hear my life story! So, with that said...let's get started!

Grilling Tips For Chicken

1. It is best to cook your chicken on meduim to low heat to start. You want the heat to slowly penetrate to the center of the meat without burning or drying out the outside meat. Once the chicken is pretty close to being done you can remove it from the heat, turn the grill up to high and let it heat up for several minutes, then place the chicken back on the grill to sear it quickly and add that perfect grilled color!

Grilled Chicken Breast

2. Always, always, always....cook chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of no less then 165 degrees! When cut into the juice should always run clear.

3. Use salt sparingly! Salt will dry out the chicken during cooking. Salt your food later.

4. Brushing your chicken with oil (I prefer olive oil), before grilling, will help seal in the juices and keep it more moist.

5. Marinading your chicken is a great way to keep the chicken moist. It works best if you leave the chicken in the marinade for several hours but at least one hour minimum. Make sure you keep it refrigerated.

6. Don't over cook it!
Now, I know step 2 says to not under cook it and now I am telling you to not over cook the chicken, it's an are that is learned with experience! I use a thermometer to do a lot of my cooking to be sure the meat is in the safe range (over 165 degrees). Then, I know it's done and that I am feeding my family safe to eat food!

These grilling chicken tips should help you make your next cookout perfect! Good luck and enjoy the following grilling chicken recipes!


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Cranberry BBQ Grilled Chicken Wings
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